Episode 17: War of the Broses

Date Posted

February 4, 2009

Cast Length



Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, Nick Breckon



Official description Edit

Grab a brew and waste the Space Fuhrer with your friends from the quad. Chris weighs in on Killzone 2, Nick weighs the good and bad of two upcoming strategy titles, and Jake weighs the importance of a polished first play experience... with your mom. How many times have you heard a dictionary say "penis?"

Games Discussed Edit

Killzone 2, Halo Wars, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, World of Goo, Left 4 Dead


Notes Edit

Memorable quotes Edit

YouTube Timestamps Edit

  • 00:31Into - The top-rated video game champs from around the world
  • 01:34Killzone 2 - Chris can't understand those 9s
  • 04:53Killzone 2 - Weapon management
  • 05:23Console Shooters - Effectively using the platform from Halo to GoW
  • 07:30Killzone 2 - The tactful shooter
  • 09:53Killzone 2 - Co-op shooters are fun
  • 10:36Halo 2 - The grayed out co-op menu option
  • 11:13Killzone 2 - Multiplayer
  • 12:46Killzone 2 - Bros fighting wars
  • 15:20Killzone 2 - Reviving teammates with the zapper who won't reciprocate
  • 16:32Killzone 2 - It's probably fine that you're invading some civilization
  • 17:01Mass Effect 2 - No more blood for aliens
  • 17:41Indiana Jones: The Staff of Kings - It's a DS game, or a TC of Quake for the PS1, or something
  • 21:10Wii - Sometimes ports are on it and there are some cool games
  • 22:59No More Heroes - A game suited to the Wii platform
  • 22:59MadWorld - A less tactile experience
  • 26:29World of Goo - It will do you a world of good
  • 26:52Mac Gaming - Jake is a rebel
  • 28:40World of Goo - Interface and presentation
  • 30:03Interface Conventions - Breaking free from the tyranny of the start menu
  • 34:37BioShock - Some guy's girlfriend plays it and has cogent comments
  • 35:42Hooray for you! - Without you, the puzzle is incomplete
  • 38:53Merriam Webster Online - Featuring the Good ol' Boy pronunciation of "son of a bitch"
  • 39:52The Ganon Laugh - Also the Double Dribble voice
  • 40:54Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Player metrics
  • 45:05Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - History of Relic
  • 48:37Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Choke points and other beta issues
  • 49:56Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Halfway between an RTS and an action game
  • 51:30Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Segregating the races
  • 52:05Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Winning and rewards
  • 54:43Left 4 Dead - Versus mode
  • 55:48Halo Wars - The RTS that isn't as good
  • 57:22Killzone 2 - Good thing it has Space Nazis
  • 58:38Halo Wars - Fitting the round RTS peg into the square console hole
  • 59:26Halo Wars - Attractiveness of the genre in the Halo world
  • 1:01:02Sweet Smell of Success - Classy brass band music
  • 1:02:35Left 4 Dead - Selling well, apparently
  • 1:03:45Reader Mail - First-Person Games - Unique advantages of the genre
  • 1:07:39Reader Mail - DEFCON - The first-person strategy game
  • 1:09:42Reader Mail - First-Person Games - Expectation of empathy with characters
  • 1:10:49Reader Mail - Affecting Moments - Sometimes they are in games
  • 1:12:22Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Could have more zooming out
  • 1:13:46Reader Mail - Anchorage - José is left in the dark
  • 1:14:10Reader Mail - Getting Stuck - And then probably quitting
  • 1:18:16Reader Mail - You Have to Burn the Rope - Probably not innovative
  • 1:21:29Reader Mail - Sports Games - They sometimes play them
  • 1:25:15Outro - Hooray for you, Link!

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