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Episode title
Minipod 02title
Ultra Boost.

Date Posted

October 17, 2008

Cast Length



Chris Remo, Jake Rodkin, Nick Breckon



"Dateline goes here"

Official description Edit

This is the official description from .

Games Discussed Edit

These are the "Games Discussed" from .

(other games mentioned and not listed: optional but nice for people searching for specific bits.)

Synopsis Edit

Rolling intro

General Discussion

Break at ##:##:##. Song at ##:##:##.

Reader Mail Edit

Reader Mail begins at ##:##:##.

"Reader Name" asks some stupid question. The guys mock him, though Jake sort of agrees.

The episode ends at ##:##:##.

Post-Episode Chatter Edit

All the guys yell about wizard puffins jeff jeffcool.

Notes Edit

  • Where is the Episode title from?
  • Is there a beginning/mention of running joke? (wizards, puffins, getting arrested, j allard, GOG, etc etc etc.)
  • Predictions that coem true later/connections to future/past casts?

Memorable quotes Edit

  • "So you could basically make an amazing snowglobe out of Diablo III." -- Jake, on rainbows and wizards in the game.
  • "...when you die in that game, you're not like 'Ah, shit!' Most of the time you're like 'Aw, fuck!'" -- Nick, on Little Big Planet deaths

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